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What is it?
PanelFlow is a full digital publishing suite that provides robust tools to manage your content world, publish and monetize all within one interface.
How does it work?
As a Software as Service, you pay to access the platform and pay for only the addons that you want to use.
Do you host my content?
We do offer hosting solutions, but if you have an existing website or domain, you can choose to use your own domain and use the platform as a white label solution. All content that is uploaded into the system is kept in the cloud for access from anywhere.
Can I import my content from wordpress or another comic hosting site?
Yes! It has to be easy to be useful, so we've created importers that let you import your content into the Panel Flow system.
How much control do I have on the design and publishing end?
Full Control. The system lets you deliver your content how you want and where you want. You control the design and features available. You can select from several premade templates and modules, but you can also create your own.
Do you show ads on my content?
Nope. Your content is yours. If you want to integrate ads, that is up to you.
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Become a Founder
Did you use a previous version of PanelFlow? Or WEvolt or currently using Drunk Duck? You can sign up to become a founding member of the new PanelFlow. Just put in your information below and if approved you will get access to the system before anyone else and will recieve a year full pro subscription for free.